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We Love Our Leagues!

At Our Town Alley, we love our leagues! We have many different leagues including adult and children’s leagues, all male, all female, or mixed Leagues. Our wide array of Leagues caters to both family and pro bowling teams. Most of our bowling Leagues in East Norriton are available any day or evening.

Come check out our family and pro bowling teams! You can even bring your little ones and have them stay in our safe, supervised babysitting area having fun, while you are doing the same.

Winter Leagues are Forming!  Call us at 610 272 6547 or fill out the form below.  Come Join the FUN!

Fall Leagues

  1. Special Olympics Farm Team
  2. Special Olympics A Divison
  3. Special Olympics B Divison
  4. A Special Olympics/Friends
  5. Special Olympics C Divison
  6. Special Friends Bowling
  7. Rock n Roll Mixed Lge
  8. Sunday Saints
  1. Cedarbrook Blue Bell C. C.
  2. Ridge American Sr. Majors
  3. McNeil Mixed
  4. Peco Schuykill Division
  5. Conshohocken Industrial
  6. Bob Nyce Church Classic
  7. Beth or Men’s League
  1. Mercy Mothers
  2. Jacks Golden Angels
  3. Norristown Teachers
  4. Rainbow Women
  5. Football League
  6. Business and Finance
  7. Tuesday Night Rollers
  8. Nashville Stars
  9. Facenda Women’s Classic
  10. Sports Car
  11. The Die Hards
  12. Plymouth Retired Summer League
  1. Early Birds
  2. Whitpain Gems
  3. St Johns Seniors
  4. St Phillips
  5. Couch Potatoes
  6. Celebrity A
  7. Celebrity B
  8. Facenda Sports Series
  1. Pal Women
  2. St Titus
  3. Retired Men’s League  See Flyer Here…
  4. Sunshine Girls
  5. Wissahickon Wellness
  6. Paul Robbins Classic
  7. Lockhead/GE
  8. SGBL
  9. Battle of the Sexes
  10. Retired Men’s Summer League
  11. Ree Angelucci
  1. Alley Cats
  2. St Luke Mothers
  3. West Norriton Cat League
  4. Fun & Games
  5. Kowalski Post
  1. Facenda PeeWees
  2. Facenda Senior Divison
  3. Junior League
  4. Facenda Junior Divison
  5. Blue Bell Doubles
  6. Old York Road
  7. Crestmont Bowling
League Request form Junior League Program

Summer Leagues

League Request form