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Honor Scores



Honor Scores

Honor Scores for 2021-22 Season

CJ Murray

300-300-290 = 890 April 28,2022- Battle of the Sexes League-New House Record Score

Phil Juel

bowled 300 in our Sunday Rock n Roll league

Devon Hudson

Bowled A 300 in Wed night triples

Amin Hollis

on Wed Sept. 15 bowled a 300 also 867 series

Shannon Harper

Wed Sept 15 300 game

Justin Morasco

Wed Sept 22 bowled a 300

Kris Scanlon

Wed Sept 22 bowled a 823 series

Nate Myers

on Friday Sept 24 bowled his first 300 game

Tim Adamek

on Thursday Sept 30 rolled a 300 game

Terry Geyer

on Thursday Sept 30 rolled a 300 game

Phil Johnson Bob Nyce

800 series Church Classic

Mike Pollack

300 game Wed Night trips

Allan Bush

300 game celebrity a

Ace Alston

300 game - Wed night trips

Will Phillips

300 game Celebrity A

Adam Gaston

300 game Wed night trips

Tyler Wilson

300 game Wed night trips

Aaron Wright

804 series Wed night trips

Irv Gettys

This Afternoon in our Ridge American Seniors League, Irv Gettys Bowled his First Ever 300 Game!!!! Congratulations Irv!!! Well Done!!!

Chris Cuthbertson

Congrats to Chris Cuthbertson 300 game in Celebrity B league !

Mariel Desimone

Congrats to Mariel Desimone 300 game in Celebrity B league !

Michael Harris

300 game Celebrity B league

Derrick Brown Sr

300 game Wednesday Night Triples League

Josh Wonn

300 game Celebrity A league

Tom DiFrancisco

300 game Paul Robbins league

Joe Santucci

300 game Paul Robbins league

Chris Porter

300 game Feel the burn league

Jim McKinley

300 game Fun and Games Mix League

Justin Holmes

300 game Paul Robbins League

Derrick Brown Sr

811 series in Wednesday night triples league

Amy Costello

1st Ever 300 game in Battle of Sexes League

Bill Thomas

300 Game

CJ Murray

300 Game

Joe Nawn

300 Game

Jason Kindall

300 Game

Horace Thomas

825 Series

Keith Threadgill

300 Game

Kim Bonar

300 Game

Melanie Daloisio

300 Game Junior League

Eric Rowell

807 Series

Tom Adams

801 Series

Justin Holmes

300 Game / 864 Series

Anthony Maahs

803 series

Michael Burke

300 game / 807 series

Michael Pollack

300 game / 805 series